Michael Rood

Michael has instructed hundreds of thousands at "A Rood Awakening!" seminars, his television series from Israel, and DVDs.  Now he is broadcasting his unique and inspiring insights to television audiences throughout the English and Spanish-speaking world. These groundbreaking video productions, as well as Rood's books, audio teachings, and Biblical calendar, are featured throughout our website.

Michael Rood is the first to admit that he is a not-so-mild-mannered reporter who fights a never-ending battle against religious prejudice in the pursuit of truth, justice, and the narrow way that leads to life. He has survived the barbarous brainwashing of Christianesque cults, as well as the torturous tests of traditional Churchianity. For those attempting to navigate the minefields of man-made religion in the search for truth, Michael offers sage advice that comes from a lifetime of experience – not from an unsoiled manual copied in cloistered convents, nor from dogmas dictated in denominational didactories.

Tell it to the Marines…

Michael Rood, a former U.S. Marine, has declared war on every self-serving, man-made religious system on the planet. In his 1995 live seminars, “From Here to Eternity – the Book of The Revelation exposes the New World Order” Michael began revealing the many tentacled monstrosity of “Mystery Babylon” that had buried itself inside every religious system on the planet. On March 4, 1996, he commenced his final assault on fossilized “Churchianity” when he presented the groundbreaking 20-hour seminar, “The Prophetic Fulfillment of the Feasts of the LORD” which exhorted the spiritually wilting Christian world to graft back into the Hebrew roots of their faith – while exposing the man-made traditions of modern Phariseeism.  Then, in 2001, Michael hit the television airwaves with “A Rood Awakening from Israel,” which enunciated “the original faith once delivered unto the Saints” and took believers to the next level in their spiritual walk – being filled with the Holy Spirit and walking in obedience to the Torah.  

The immediate accolades from Christian leaders around the globe were soon followed by Mystery Babylon’s full-scale retaliation.  In a concerted effort to protect its sheeple from the truth, manufactured lies were fed to ignorant false witnesses manning the long-range guns of the Internet. In the safety of anonymity and often across international borders where libel and slander go unpunished, the hordes of hell (falsely attired as sincere Christians) continue to fire barrages of deceitful propaganda upon innocent believers who are earnestly searching for truth. 

This website (www.MichaelRood.tv) is an oasis, your R&R, where you can step away from the battlefield to watch, hear, and think for yourself. As long as you are searching for the truth of what Babylon really is, as long as you are trying to come out of Babylon and get Babylon out of you, you are a threat to their system.  Those who do decide to come out of Babylon will eventually find themselves hunkered down in the trenches of reality with Sergeant Rood. The war is bloody and not for the faint of heart, and it will not be over until the smoke clears…